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  • Posted by: Shirley Nkepe

ACCESS arrangements are special pre-examination arrangements made for purposes of accommodating individual candidates who have special needs or disabilities in an academic assessment. The reason for the arrangement is to provide a conducive environment so that the individual may be able to access the facility and/or service provided and express his/her abilities optimally.

ACCORDING to the Joint Council for Qualifications (2016) in the United Kingdom (UK), each and every access arrangement should be as reasonable as possible. In fact, the issue of reasonableness is the determining factor in whether a request for access arrangement to the awarding body succeeds or not. Hence in this post, we briefly share insights on how to ensure reasonableness in your access arrangement and/or in your request for the same.

A learner with visual impairment using audio book

The reasonableness of an access arrangement relates to the following :

  • The severity of the candidate’s need (specified list of special needs covered)
  • The effectiveness of the arrangement
  • The cost of the arrangement
  • The likely impact of the arrangement on the candidate and on others

THIS means that an arrangement will be considered unreasonable and more likely to be rejected by the awarding body if it defies the above criterion, or if it:

Author: Shirley Nkepe

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