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  • Posted by: Shirley Nkepe

It is one thing to be diagnosed and labeled as suffering from a condition/disability or terminal illness. It is another thing to be assisted duly. Many people concentrate on being diagnosed and yet pay less attention to ensuring that they receive the necessary treatment or therapy. This is why many whom we find in our homes, in schools, and workplaces are diagnosed and burdened with labels, but with little or no help. However, inclusion has never been about merely diagnosing and labeling people. It is not about over-burdening people with labels that can only degrade their self-concept and self-esteem, as well as perpetuate stigmatization. Instead, inclusion is about removing the barriers that make it difficult for people to reach their utmost potential.

A person reading a braille book.
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There are two broad categories of barriers: material and immaterial. Material barriers relate to structures, resources, and methods, while immaterial barriers pertain to perceptions, conceptions, beliefs, views, or opinions. We can continue to say that some of the barriers to inclusion emanate from an internal source (self-imposed), while some, external. Internally springing barriers often affect one or a few individuals, while external ones tend to affect a large populace.

We, at Thabo-Shi, are thrilled to be able to provide the means of eliminating all forms of barriers to inclusion, so that anyone and everybody may be able to express themselves optimally. We believe that every individual deserves better and that everyone can be able to reach his/her full potential, with due assistance. So, wherever an individual may have been dumped, we offer an opportunity and a hand to pull them up so that they may thrive. The earlier people get in touch with us, the sooner we will be able to assist, and the better their lives will become.

Author: Shirley Nkepe

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