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Special needs or disability is a term that has often been thrown around with a bad ring to it. However, to us at Thabo-Shi Investments Pty Ltd, disability does not mean inability. Rather it means an ability untapped. Hence, our business is to ensure that abilities hidden in disability are tapped; at the same time ensuring that disabilities are minimized through the employment of comprehensive wellness and safety measures.

Background and Overview

Established in Botswana in January 2020, Thabo-Shi provides scientifically proven inclusion (wellness and safety incorporated) solutions to help profit, non-profit organizations, and individuals reach their utmost potential.

The services are provided on a consultancy, support, and supply basis, and packages individualized to meet each organization or person’s needs. Our services are also formative, process, and summative in nature, for your utmost experience.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to build an inclusive, healthy, and safe world, reflective in individual relationships, families, work cultures, communities, and nations. We envision ourselves as a globally preferred inclusion firm in the near future.

Our Target Areas

We largely draw our clients and partners from these areas: retail shops, social service providers ( eg schools, hospitals); banks; events managers, transport operators, and Designers.


Reputable Consultants:

All our consultants have a history of excellence from their academic and professional lives and continue to serve with due diligence.


A cute boy with Down Syndrome plays with the therapist during a play therapy session.

Inclusion Matters

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Customised & Actionable Solutions

Our focus enables us to provide customised, actionable recommendations that draw on robust problem framing, cutting-edge methodologies, deep therapeutic area knowledge, extensive global networks on inclusion, health, and safety matters.

Thabo-Shi Investments is dedicated to maximizing personal and business profits through IWS. We help clients who are willing to learn and to incorporate IWS components in their daily way of living and doing business.

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