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Research has attested that organizations that have inclusive business models tend to attract and retain a more talented and creative workforce as well as a wide and loyal clientele. Hence our highly experienced consultants provide technical support to help you develop and implement an inclusive model in your business value chain. Whether you run a profit or non-profit-making organization, our high-class consultancy services are geared toward helping you develop and implement inclusive, healthy, and safe spaces. These solutions help promote quality and equitable opportunities among all people as well as to attain full participation through accommodating people with special needs. This will consequently enhance customer/public satisfaction and increase sales and customer retention rates, as research has shown. As a high-end service, our consultancy service is mainly management focussed. Thus it is focused on capacity building and support of key staff such as leadership, marketing, human resource, and customer service officers. See below a breakdown of these services:

1. Inclusive WorkTeam Solutions

The below solutions are for helping you develop and implement an inclusive human resource management strategy so that you can have, a happier and healthier workforce, which will translate into increased productivity and retention rates.

  • Staff Recruitment and Placement
  • Capacity building (Inclusion, Wellness, and Safety matters)
  • Workplace Paraprofessional Support (Aides)
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Staff Counselling
  • Staff Ability Tests and Management
  • Staff  Welfare surveys

    An African-American businesswoman in a wheelchair in an office boardroom, using a digital tablet.

2. Inclusive Workplace Solutions 

The safety of both employees, clients, and other people who may move through a place of business on a regular basis is always of greatest concern. When it comes to the construction as well as mining industries, however, proper safety rules and regulations become critical as even a slight mistake can result in disability and other potentially devastating consequences.

Research shows that organizations that create inclusive and safer customer and worker spaces tend to have higher customer satisfaction indices; a larger market base, and higher community trust. These companies, therefore,  gain mutual and profitable benefits. Hence our highly qualified and experienced safety consultants work with the different organization’s leadership to integrate Safety Management Systems in structural plans, and to ensure the safety of workers at all times. Together with our inclusion consultants, they also conduct structural inspections of all spaces (homes, public institutions, and public places) to ensure they comply with federal, state, and local safety and inclusion codes, and give the best advice. Furthermore, we supply and provide advice regarding the relevant facilities (eg.  assistive technologies) to meet your staff and clients’ needs.


3. Inclusive Customer Service Solutions

With the below services, we will surely help your organization successfully accommodate and cater to all customers, including those with disabilities, old age, chronic illnesses, and other forms of special needs such as those who are marginalized and those who are vulnerable. This is essential not only to broaden your market base but also to ensure high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

  • Customer Communication Support ( Translation, transcription, interpretation)
  • Customer Mobility Support
  • Customer Messenger Support
  • Customer Services Surveys (Monitoring and Evaluation)